1. Brayton Point, Somerset, Massachusetts // April 2014


  2. This guy taught me a thing or two about photography + life in general. Bad ass project, by a bad ass guy. Read this interview with Peter Shellenberger and his radioactive work!

    You will never look at Fiesta Ware the same way again…



  3. carouselslideshow:


    Announcing the Carousel Slideshow V Artist List!

    Zachary Allen

    Ryan Arthurs

    Genesis Baez

    Aaron Borque

    Lili Boxer

    Michael Cardinali

    Allison Cekala

    Matt Cronin

    Cory Daniels

    Skye Delviscio

    Joe Difazio

    Chris Fowler

    Andrew Frost

    Quinn Gorbutt

    Suzi Grossman

    Hank Hauptmann


    Excited to be among all these great artists!  Come on to the New Art Center on Saturday, May 3rd to check out Carousel V!

  4. Meanwhile…on instagram.

  5. Last night in Cambridge for the opening of Massachusetts at Gallery 263, what a great night!

  6. Swansea, Massachusetts - November 2013

    [The very beginning of this terrible terrible winter….but, oooh that golden light!]

  7. Ughh to the times when you think you’re on the crop tool, but you’re really on the clone tool + your computer freaks out!

  8. Feelin’ like a lucky lady!

    Got accepted into MassArt’s MFA Photo program and I couldn’t be happier! Woooo!

  9. Memere’s Globe, February 2014

    Pepere’s Cards, February 2014

    (New 8x10’s taken at my grandparents house this winter…more to come with the warmer weather…)

  10. carouselslideshow:


    Carousel Slideshow is a one-night only, digitally projected group show featuring the recent work of local and international photographers. It is curated by Aviary Gallery with rotating guest curators. Our next event will take place at the New Art Center in Newtonville, Massachusetts on Saturday, May 5th of 2014. This iteration of Carousel Slideshow will be part of the programming for the New Art Center’s upcoming exhibition curated by Caitie Moore (Aint-Bad Magazine) and Sarah Pollman, Flash of an Instant. 

    To submit your photos, please email up to 15 jpgs, sized 1200 pixels on the longest side at 72 dpi, to info@aviarygallery.com with “Carousel Slideshow Submission” in the subject line. All images should be work made within the last year. Along with your images, please include a link to your website or portfolio and include a brief bio (250 words or less). Label the files with your name and numeration. (Example: lastname_firstname_01.jpg).

    We’re asking a 10 dollar submission fee. Please paypal your submission fee to aviarygallery@gmail.com. Include in your email your paypal confirmation number.

    Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Submissions are due on April 1st 2014 at 11:59pm EST.

    Postcard images by (left to right) Ryan Arthurs, Eric Ruby, Lindsay Metivier, Genesis Baez, Robin Myers, Dylan Nelson and Steven Paneccasio. Background image by Dylan Nelson.

  11. Totally obsessing over ALEX ROULETTE’S paintings right now…holy moly.

  12. Last weekend, my husband and I took a little trip up north to Ogunquit, Maine. During this time I had the pleasure of taking over americanguide's Instagram account! Here are some of the highlights from our stay.

  13. Somewhere in New York, Summer 2012


  14. Excited to start my Thursday morning with this…

  15. Winter Audubon Trail // Warren, RI