1. Fall River, Massachusetts // Fall/Winter 2014

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  4. Summer 2014

  5. Anniversary road trip from Maryland to Massachusetts planning in the works! Starting our trip in Baltimore and then up through Philly and New York for some Stephen Shore locations to rephotograph (about 8 total!), some hotels, philly cheese steak sandwiches, camping, and a hot air balloon festival - to name a few things I am looking forward to. Is it Thursday yet?!

  6. PAPER SAFE Issue Two, Keepers of the Dark, was pleasantly waiting for me when I got home today! Grab your copy while you still can: http://www.catlabs.info/product/issue-2



  7. Great article…Great work, congrats Scott!

  8. mpdrolet:

    Emma Sampson

    My friend Emma! Woo!

  9. The Weekend <3

  10. papersafezine:

    They’re here!! Click here to order! 

    Order up!!

  11. In a couple of weeks Brian and I will be flying into Baltimore and roadtripping back up to MA for our 3-year wedding anniversary. I have 5 Stephen Shore locations to find and photograph along the way and I couldn’t be more excited! It will be like a mini version of our honeymoon!

    Check out more from my Shore Project on my website!

    P.s. Anyone in the Baltimore/Philly areas from American Guide or other photo related things let’s meet up and grab a beer! Message me!

  12. Recently on Instagram // June 2014

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  13. iolabsinc:

    Paper Cuts is a curated print and fabrication project created by iolabs  featuring selected works by a variety of artists. The project serves as a vehicle to connect with the creative community to share fresh and innovative ways to execute printed editions, as well as exhibition and display options.

    The process begins with a call for submissions, followed by iolabs’ family of artists and professionals selecting an image to feature for a specific project.

    This spring of 2014, Paper Cuts is happy to announce our latest edition in collaboration with local artist Becca Stadtlander.

    Becca’s dreamy illustrations, infused with the magic of the twilight hour, are printed with Ultrachrome inks on Belgian Linen and hung with natural string and stained wood dowels that beautifully complement the peaceful woodland atmosphere of her nightscapes. The prints are available individually or as a full set, measuring 16 x 10.5” or 24 x 18”. They can be purchased here.

    Becca’s deeply colored and richly patterned compositions have been featured in The Saturday Evening Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, and O, The Oprah Magazine, to list a few, and her clients include Brown Publishing, Penguin, Random House, HarperCollins, and many more. Becca moved to New England in 2012 and currently seeks new inspiration for her artwork in Newport, Rhode Island, where she lives and freelances. See more of Becca’s work here.

    Love love love the new papercuts collaboration we did with Becca Stadtlander! Get your orders in today!!

  14. Heading off to hang some student artwork at a gallery in Providence…need to see where I am going and BAM I stumble upon this gem of a Google Street View image…haha…priceless.

  15. Added a new section to ye ol’ website for Publications, Zines, and Such!

    Will be adding PAPERSAFE, Issue Two: Keepers of the Dark to this mix as soon as it comes in the mail, can’t wait! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy!