1. First graduate school critique today + it went well!

    I walked away with some new ideas already and have a good grasp on what is working and what is not. I now have a bunch of references to look into, thanks to my classmates and can’t wait to really get into the thick of this body of work that I have just started. Let the experimenting begin!

  2. From a new 8x10 film series, to be discussed in my first grad school critique on Wednesday, here we go!

  3. Summer snaps!

    Location: Acadia National Park, Maine

  4. Niceeee!

  5. timelightbox:

    TIME Special Preview: A Guide to the Best Fall Photo Books

    LightBox presents a special preview of the season’s best photography books that offer an opportunity to truly indulge in the unfettered beauty of a well-made book.

    I want so many of these! <3

  6. —>—>—>—>—>—>— My First Week of Grad School —>—>—>—>—>—>—>

    I have been in Boston for exactly 1 week today. Classes at MassArt have all started up, my studio is organized and ready for new prints, the husband visited last weekend which was awesome, slowly mastering the T so I can get around to galleries and events throughout Boston, walking ALOT, reading, writing, and thinking a whole lot too. One thing is clear to me….I LOVE LIVING HERE.

    Feeling good about the big life decisions I have made recently. YES!

    Missing Brian and the Mardycat more than anything, everyday, but will see them in a couple weeks!

  7. emptystretch:

    We are taking over a gallery in Brooklyn & will be having a pop up bookstore & a few shows. Stay tuned for full details. 

    Delighted to have a couple prints for sale in the Sept 20th Pop-Up Print Show. If you are in the area, be sure to go to all three dates, lots of good stuff to check out!!

  8. Some photos from our little blissful vacation in Eastham, Massachusetts this summer.

    [A big ol’ thank you to my Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law for letting us vacation with them for a few days, it was awesomeeee.]

  9.  NEW Locations from The Shore Project completed and up on my WEBSITE!

    Top: Ithaca, New York

    [I took this one while we were camping in Ithaca, NY this past June. This is our KIA rental car. Due to the difference in cameras, I had a really hard time achieving the proper angle for this shot. Shore was using an 8x10 camera at the time, which lead him to have alot more control over each shot - unlike me with my Canon 5D Markii with a 50mm lens. Despite the camera differences, I think it came out pretty good in the end]

    Bottom: Natural Bridge, New York

    [Again, I used our KIA rental car for this shot…hey, you gotta make use of what you’ve got when you arrive at some of these locations.  This one was particularly difficult to find because Shore did not title this image with the street name, as he did on many of his others. We are becoming more familiar with the routine of his travels though as we go along, and we know he usually stayed on the main routes of these small towns (Main Streets, the Route 1s, 2s, and 6s of our country). After a few too many laps around this area we finally found our spot, parked the car and I began re-composing the scene. The owner of this house was outside hanging her laundry on the clothesline…naturally, we crossed the street and showed her the book. She lived in that house her whole life, her daughter was born the same year that Shore took the original photo (we met her too) in 1974. The woman did not recall ever seeing Shore outside her house with his big camera but she said back then there was a bar on the side of their house (now a post office) and people were always out and about on the street. She did not know who’s car that was, “probably some drunk’s, haha” or maybe it was Shore’s and he was also using what he had for the shot….ya never know.]

  10. Lavender, August 2014

  11. Spent the afternoon with my most favorite tree yesterday. A big ol’ Weeping Beech at the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA.

    We first saw this tree last summer while I was photographing some famous graves for an American Guide series. At the time there was a couple laying under the tree and not wanting to ruin their moment, we continued on our way. I have been thinking about this tree ever since and just had to go back to explore.

    Yesterday we got our uninterrupted moment…and it was awesome.

  12.  NEW Locations from The Shore Project completed and up on my WEBSITE!

    Top: Twentieth Street and Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Bottom:  Twenty-First Street and Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    [These two locations were particularly fun to find because we were there on the exact same day, June 21st, as Shore was exactly 40 years ago in 1974. This is very rare for us to be there on the same day, let alone the same time of the year, considering we have to go on these adventures whenever we get the chance, time off from work, and the extra money to hit the road. We got very lucky on this past trip!]

  13.  NEW Locations from The Shore Project completed and up on my WEBSITE!

    Wolf Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    [This was an easy find for us, the buildings were pretty much exactly the same, even the cursive numbers on the center white house, which you can’t see because of that huge tree…and the mini vans…always the mini vans.]

  14.  NEW Locations from The Shore Project completed and up on my WEBSITE!

    Sidney Lust’s Drive-in Theater, U.S. 1, College Park, Maryland

    [My husband and I had to do a little research on this theater before setting out on this search, knowing very well that the odds of it still being there were slim to none.  We found a pretty cool website, http://cinematreasures.org, which gave us the exact location and some information about the theater. As we expected, the theater was demolished in 1987 (a year after I was born).

    As we approached the address that was set into my Google Maps, my iPhone alerted us, “You have arrived at your destination”, we looked up and saw….a Costco.]

  15. iolabsinc:

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